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I found this article on the PULSE Website.

Below the article is a number of comments written by medical professionals.

The interesting one relates to the way the study spoken about in the article below was conducted.  ie.  Without the use of a Control Group, a practice no psychologist or scientist of any standing would put their name to as a robust study. 

This is however common practice for psychologists today, especially when their studies relate to government policy.


The wholesale selling of behavioral change agenda to the public under the guise of ‘Evidence Based‘ under these conditions is highly contentious and misleading.

Most of the general public have no notion of what ‘Evidence Based’ constitutes, what the rules are to make such claims, or what a statistically significant outcome is.

Here is the article…..  More pseudo science and cost cutting…

A cheaper therapy option to CBT could reduce referral to treatment waiting times for patients with depression, according to British researchers.

A large study has found that behavioural activation (BA) is as effective at treating depression as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and much more cost-effective.

The therapy option, which helps patients overcome depression by encouraging them to focus on meaningful activities driven by their own personal values, is around 20% cheaper to deliver than CBT because it can be delivered by more junior healthcare staff.

The alternative treatment could save £260 per patient as it costs £975 per participant, compared to £1,235 for CBT.

The study, published in the Lancet, saw treatments given in three mental health trusts around the country (Devon, County Durham and Leeds). Out of a large cohort of 440 patients, around half received CBT and the other half BA, with follow ups at six, 12 and 18 months showing there were no differences between the two groups – both of which showed a 50% reduction in depressive symptoms.

The study concluded: ‘We found that BA, a simpler psychological treatment than CBT, can be delivered by junior mental health workers with less intensive and costly training, with no lesser effect than CBT.

‘Effective psychological therapy for depression can be delivered without the need for costly and highly trained professionals.’

Study leader Professor David Richards, NIHR senior investigator at the University of Exeter medical school, said the finding was ‘the most robust evidence yet that BA is just as effective as CBT, meaning an effective workforce could be trained much more easily and cheaply without any compromise on the high level of quality’.

‘This is an exciting prospect for reducing waiting times and improving access to high-quality depression therapy worldwide, and offers hope for countries who are currently struggling with the impact of depression on the health of their peoples and economies,’ he said.

Readers’ comments (3)

  • 16 week wait London. Most require a run, good sleep and holiday. The education system needs an overhaul.

  • Maybe, just maybe the passing of time helped those depressed patients get better. Just maybe.

  • The problem with a study of this sort is that there are no controls.The patients were split into two groups (219CBT, 221BA), over several sites.

    There is no control group, so there is no way to know if the practitioners affected the patients in any way (so it could judst be a badly flawed study). Imagining that some might have benefited in each group, they have not been swapped over to the other therapy.

    The sample sizes may seem large in days of low budgets, but they are in fact small for psychological research if you want any kind of confidence in the conclusion.

    There are other flaws, not the least the obvious fact that ‘good’ staff tend to produce positive outcomes regardless of treatment type, whereas ‘bad’ staff do the reverse – so that often the trial is of staff, not treatment. This is something that dogs research into education practice, for example. But without a large control group given the same assessments bythe same people, the whole trial is meaningless, a problem that dogs psychological research.
    However, the obvious thought that doing something in which you are interested and which has a positive feel-good factor, as opposed to doing little of interest and trying to follow an enforced therapeutic regime, has occured to people before.


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Last year, the SKWAWKBOX triggered a severely-embarrassing chain of events for the government by revealing that the DWP’s Jobcentre Plus (JCP) centres, under instruction from David Cameron…

Source: After forced-psychometric-test debacle, now Jobcentres prescribe online CBT

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TEST: How Brainwashed Are You?

HUMANS ARE FREE This test will ascertain if you’re one of the many people who are perfectly designed robots of the system. by Phillip J. Watt Unfortunately, most individuals have no clue about how …

Source: TEST: How Brainwashed Are You?

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UK Develops Blockchain Technology

Big Brother getting Clever!


“The government has quietly been testing out blockchain technology to make benefit payments, it has been revealed.

The department of work and pensions (DWP) has worked with Barclays, Npower, University College London and a UK-based distributed ledger platform startup called GovCoin to create an app which tracks spending.”

“Claimants are using an app on their phones through which they are receiving and spending their benefit payments. With their consent, their transactions are being recorded on a distributed ledger to support their financial management,” said welfare reform minister Lord Freud at a payments conference earlier this week.” Cashless Society Dry Run?

“Distributed ledger technology has the potential to transform the delivery of public and private services,” said the government’s chief science adviser Sir Mark Walport in the major report on the technology in January.

“It has the potential to redefine the relationship between government and the citizen in terms of data…

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Labour membership to hit 600,000

A further surge in Labour membership has further bolstered Jeremy Corbyn’s place at the top of the party. Source: Labour membership to hit 600,000

Source: Labour membership to hit 600,000

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