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Well Said!

Benefit tales

by Paula Peters

Damian Green,

So you announce the launch of the consultation regarding the work capability assessment

We know by cutting the ESA WRAG group by £30 a week takes it to JSA levels effectively abolishing the ESA WRAG group

That you are looking at the support group of ESA and taking that to ESA WRAG you think all disabled people can be working even if it’s a couple of hours a week

Remember IDS ass that he is saying workless is not an option, his words

Tell me Damian Green and explain this

You want disabled people working yet you:
*Abolish the post of disability employment advisor
*Your government caps the access to work budget and cap how much disabled people’s access to work packages are
*You close the independent living fund
*We have to book 24 or on some lines 48 hours in advance to book accessibility…

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Hi all

This is of particular interest to me as Swindon is the home of my Family, where I grew up.

Please read and sign the petition if you haven’t already. And pass it on.

Petitions like this have been successful in stoping Councils in their tracks relating to the Demonisation and Criminalisation of Homeless and Vulnerable Citizens.

Once we let one Council get away with this, then we set a precedent for them all….

Thanks guys x  Read and sign petition here


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A very short update as people are asking daily when the crowdfund link will be available for the Wallasey CLP fighting fund to clear their names and reinstate the CLP without restrictions or ‘special measures’. An application is underway at the Crowdpac political-crowdfunding site and should be approved tomorrow, at which point the link will […]

via Wallasey legal-action crowdfund launches tomorrow — The SKWAWKBOX Blog

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The Elite (Shadow Government) have no intentions for UK to break ties with EU. This is and always has been a Con.

The people of UK and the World are being deceived from just about every angle.

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Oct.26: This is an update report on #CETA #CETA BELGIUM: Wallonia Paul Magnette tells EU to back off over strong arms tactics on EU-Canada deal he will not be pressured by another ultimatum even though he confirms he is not opposed to the right deal – The Trojan Horse is Trotting – @AceNewsServices
// Ace News Services

As European Council President Donald Tusk says Canada-EU trade deal signing summit still possible on Thursday – Reuters

UK trade secretary Liam Fox promises House of Commons debate on EU-Canada trade deal, says Parliament still has chance to weigh in – @smashmorePH


Editors Notes:

I would remind you that this blog is produced free for the public good and you are welcome to republish or re-use this article or any other material freely anywhere without requesting further permission.

News & Views welcome always published as long as NO bad language…

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#AceNewsReport – Oct.25: This is an update on breaking news earlier #Breaking144 – 60 civilians #killed, 200 injured as US-led coalition strikes Mosul residential areas – Russian MoD – RT – @AceBreakingNews // #Breaking144 @Breaking144 The state-owned Russian news site Sputnik is reporting on a Russian general’s claims that a U.S. Air Force plane carried […]

via IRAQ: US Airforce Plane in airstrike hits ‘ Girls School ‘ in Mosul at least 60 #killed and 200 injured it was first reported by Russian MOD – RT – Sputnik – But Western News relatively quite no surprise there then – @AceNewsServices — Ace News Services

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Here is a passage taken from Employing BELIEF: Applying behavioural economics to welfare to work,  a Paper mentioned in the Excellent post by:

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

Behavioural “Insights” Team on Sanctions and “Identity-building activities.”Campaigning for Unemployed Rights.

 page 13 of that paper paragraph 3 reads:

“Moreover, George Loewenstein has shown that immediate „visceral influences,‟ such as moods, emotions, pain, hunger and sexual desire, when strongly felt, can „crowd out‟ virtually all goals other than that of mitigating the visceral factor.9 When these visceral influences are felt, hyperbolic discounting will be more pronounced. An addict craving a drug, for example, would certainly chose £80 now rather than £105 in a year, as having the money now would let them mitigate their cravings in the short term.

To dissect the above and put it into plain English:

When people are hungry,  emotional and in pain and in constant fear of losing their security, its easier to manipulate them.

Another way of putting it  in relation to DWP policy is:

By making the whole process as emotional and painful as possible, and by introducing a constant threat of financial sanctions, humiliation and hunger, people are more likely to comply and obey, or stop signing on.

This Psychological Manipulation is well know; it has, and still is being used in Countries such as Irac, Saudi Arabia and Palestine, to name a few. And not necessarily by their own Governments!!!  financial Sanctions dished out by USA etc, work because they are aimed at the little people.  The fat cats dont go hungry……they just play more games…..

Originally posted on Ipswich Unemployed Action.: Somewhere we hope never to go… Most of us are familiar with the way the DWP Job Centre, and all the rest of the schemes we are on, are run on the basis of some kind of managerial theory which tries to ‘nudge’ (force) us to behave in order…

via Behavioural “Insights” Team on Sanctions and “Identity-building activities.” — campertess

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UPCOMING RADIO SHOW ON Susanne Kellner Johnson, Human Rights Activist + Whistleblower, being held in asylum, force fed psychotropic drugs against her will Ref: SUSANNE KELLNER JOHNSON Fraud diagnosis, forced medication, kidnap & held hostage BY HEATHER WARD, AIREDALE CENTER FOR MENTAL HEALTH Formal Notice of upcoming Radio show on false imputation of mental illness […]

via UPCOMING RADIO SHOW ON Susanne Kellner Johnson, Human Rights Activist + Whistleblower, being held in asylum, force fed psychotropic drugs against her will — VICTIMS OF THE STATE

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