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Source: Working Full Time And Think You’re Safe From The Jobcentre? Not If The DWP Get Their Way.


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Corbyn’s Britain Will Be An Entrepreneurial Britain

It’s the left that believes in our people, not the Tories.

Source: Corbyn’s Britain Will Be An Entrepreneurial Britain

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Below is an excellent article from UKColumn

The UK Column is an independent multimedia news website and associated newspaper.

Well worth a read.



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Following on from previous reblogged post Infantizing the Nation…  by  Kitty Jones:

For those of you interested it the psychology of boarding school culture and indoctrination, which is at the heart of our government, corporations and media, the following youtube vids are very insightful and thought provoking, although the BBC documentary is hard to watch in one go, (at least for those of us who haven’t been groomed in this way during our own childhoods).  see links below…..

With the Tories reform agendas being forced into our schools, along with the Health and Work program, Work and Health program, Troubled Families Program, New mandatory Parenting Classes, (with the suggestion of  the tories idea of ‘Incentives” (punishment) to name but a few.

With their mantra of bad parenting, lack of discipline and the Tories insisting they have the formula to fix poverty with their authoritarian agenda and ideological beliefs, I believe we must keep a close eye on our children in our schools and especially in our nurserys as this is likely to be the places where their reforms could become most influential.

Links to interview and documentary:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?The Making of Them



Wounded leaders

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Kitty Jones describes the Tory agenda in a nut shell. And their agenda is obviously written by Nuts of the psychopathic variety!! a Must Read. Knowledge is Power.

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hqdefault                                          Young Bullers


Paternalist parenting classes? Heaven forbid

The Prime Minister claims that every family needs help in improving behaviour and discipline. Ironically, this is from a politician who claims to despise the “nanny state”. He much prefers the Bullingdon brand of paternalist interference in people’s everyday lives. Cameron is also recommending “parenting classes” for all, which is understandable given that he left his own child in a pub.

Of course Cameron feels that it’s other people that need parenting and discipline. After all, this is a man who spent his early adulthood involved in  bizarre initiation rituals, patriarchal debauchery, recklessly banqueting, getting drunk, smoking pot, trashing college rooms and pubs and vandalising restaurants. In 2013, it was reported that members of the Bullingdon Club were required to burn a £50 note in front of a beggar as part of an “initiation ceremony”. How encouraging to see the…

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Todays the day for a bit of ‘REALITY THERAPY’


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