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Useful info on Sanctions etc and the different criteria used by DWP


At times it is easy to get confused about what a Benefit Sanction is compared to a Disallowance of Benefits or  Supsension of Benefits. Today the DWP responded to an FOI request thus:

What is the difference for benefit claimants between a sanction, a disallowance and a suspension of benefits?

How does each of these actions affect entitlement to Housing Benefit on grounds of low or nil income?

Sanction: This has the effect of either reducing benefit or terminating entitlement to benefit consequent on a claimant taking or failing to take action contrary to commitments entered into both when claiming a relevant benefit and as amended during the award: eg. not applying for work, or refusing to attend a training course when in receipt of Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

Disallowance: This applies where a claim for benefit does not meet the conditions of entitlement for the benefit claimed –…

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Beastrabban\'s Weblog

A few weeks ago I blogged about a piece on Mike’s site, Vox Political, by Mo Stewart describing Unum’s role in formulating the fitness for work test. This is the prize piece of pseudoscience used by the DWP and Atos to deny people welfare benefits on the grounds that, no matter how ill or disabled they are, they are still somehow ‘fit for work’. In the most extreme cases, this has resulted in terminally ill people having their disability benefit removed and blandly informed that they will have to be reassessed. Just in case, you understand, that they get better.

One of the commenters on the piece was George Berger, who kindly informed me of his piece on the DPAC website tracing the origins of the fitness for work test in the bizarre theories of Gordon Waddell. Mr Berger commented:

It seems that the historical source is Waddell’s work…

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Same Difference

After yesterday’s inquiry into benefit sanctions. The New Statesman reports.

Esther McVey, the Employment Minister, was handed an image of David Clapson – the man found dead in his flat from diabetic ketoacidosis, two weeks after his benefits were suspended – following a select committee inquiry into benefits sanctions this afternoon.

In the emotional confrontation, Clapson’s younger sister, Gill Thomspon, presented the image to McVey and said: “A diabetic cannot wait two weeks.” A reference to the amount of time a Jobseeker’s Allowance claimant, when sanctioned, has to wait to receive a hardship payment.

When Thompson discovered her brother’s body in July 2013, she found his electricity had been cut off, meaning the fridge where he stored his insulin was no longer working. Speaking to the Guardian in 2014, Thompson said: “I don’t think anyone should die like that in this country, alone, hungry and penniless …

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Heres a play that would be a box office hit.

And if you want some more entertainment then watch the latest round in the DWP select comittee hearing into Sanctions. They had Ester McVey in the dock. she actually looked uncomfortable, although that did not stop her spewing out her usual rehearsed (over) responses and rhetoric…..


Former jobcentre adviser Angela Neville has written a play to expose the harsh reality of the benefits sanctions regime.

Angela Neville, 48, is describing events she witnessed as a special adviser in a jobcentre that prompted her to write a play about her experiences.

“We were given lists of customers to call immediately and get them on to the Work Programme,” she recalls.

“I said, ‘I’m sorry this can’t happen, this man is in hospital.’ I was told [by my boss]: ‘No, you’ve got to phone him and you’ve got to put this to him and he may be sanctioned.’ I said I’m not doing it.”

Neville worked as an adviser in Braintree jobcentre, Essex, for four years and has written a play with two collaborators, her friends Angela Howard and Jackie Howard, both of whom have helped advocate for unemployed people who were threatened with benefit sanctions by…

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Wikileaks has managed to get their hands on one chapter of this Secretive Agreement.  There are many more chapters which are still held in secret.

You may not like Alex Jones, but I would encourage you to view this video as there are many facts, which the NWO would not want you to know.

Its really important we pass this around.

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Please Share this; Important disturbing news, re PIP DLA ESA reassessments etc.

Same Difference

A very worrying thing happened on Thursday whilst I was attending a PIP medical at the new Manchester Atos Centre. The assessor openly admitted she had access to and had read my clients ESA assessment from 2 years previous. She openly discussed things that were noted in it including fact that some illnesses were not listed then that were on her PIP form that I completed with her.

The problem with this is that we had challenged the decision in 2013 in tribunal and that ESA medical and the DWP decision was overturned in 2014. Now the main problem was that is that there were inconsistencies, omissions and downright untruths in the physiotherapists report of 2013. More importantly was the fact that case law for ESA states that you should be assessed by a doctor or mental health trained nurse if you have mental health problems or musco skeletal…

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This video was sent to me by a cousin in Australia, whilst it addresses the issue to our cousins across the pond, its a really good one to share, as it affects the UK in the same way.   Please share


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Sanctions and the charity shop.

This is the reality of life for thousands of our neighbours, family and friends in Britain today. Are you Proud to be British?
Its time for us all to stand up and be counted.
Stand up with Pride against this form of Repression and hold on to your Dignity.
Together we Stand Tall
Divided we will All Fall.

The poor side of life

In the town where I live I know of a charity shop that refuses to use workfare volunteers. Yes it would be easier for them to use workfare because they would have more help but they refuse. Volunteering should be voluntary they say and quite rightly so. I often go in and sometimes help out. It’s a lovely friendly shop everyone is made to feel welcome. A person who works there wanted to tell me about the effects of sanctioning and their volunteers are concerned. This shop and the person speaking want to remain anonymous, and I respect their wishes. Also please note that this is not a big chain charity shop it’s an independent charity shop. I will write the following in their words. It is a true account but they will remain anonymous.
” In my entire life they had never known people in this country to go…

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