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Poem: John (Jack) Walker 1888-1968

His name was Uncle Jack He complained about his back And smelled of liniment and ginger He sat me on his knee when I was only three And told me tales of the royal house of Windsor The kings they ea…

Source: Poem: John (Jack) Walker 1888-1968

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The American left-wing magazine, Counterpunch, has an important article by Thomas Barker urging people outside the Labour party to support Corbyn in his desperate battle with the Blairites. Barker describes how 172 MPs have come out against him, including Ed Miliband, all claiming that he is ‘unelectable’, despite having the biggest mandate of the party […]

via Pro-Corbin Article in Today’s Counterpunch — Beastrabban\’s Weblog

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To Bear Witness and to Keep Safe:

While the country is entrenched in the mire of the EU referendum fallout, the Tories have just been slammed by the United Nations (UN) – for human rights abuses. But not abroad. Here, in the UK. As The Canary previously reported, on the 15 and 16 June the UN Human Rights committee on economic, social and cultural affairs […]

via UN Slams Tories Over Human Rights Abuses In UK Welfare Acts — Same Difference

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Spotted on Facebook. Well worth remembering for Same Difference and our readers.

via Every Single Labour MP Who Has Resigned This Week Has One Thing In Common — Same Difference

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Dear Labour Plotters

Very nicely put!!

Those members of the PLP would be very ill-advised to ignore those whom they are elected to SERVE.

The Labour Party belongs to all party members.

Paul Bernal's Blog

Dear Labour Plotters

I’m not quite sure how I should address you – in a way I’m sorry to have chosen the word ‘plotters’, but after a little thought it seemed the best word, because what you seem to be trying to do does look very like a plot. Other words have been used – ‘coup’ is perhaps the most common – but ‘plot’ seems the best. Or at least I hope it’s the best, because ‘plot’ suggests there might actually be a plan behind your actions, a plan more than just ‘let’s get rid of our leader, and everything will be better’ along the lines of the Leave campaign’s ‘let’s win the referendum vote, and everything will be better’ plan which seems to be unravelling with remarkable speed since the hideous and momentous events of Thursday and Friday.

Of course I understand why you have not yet revealed the…

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Food for Considered Thought?

Was Cox the victim of an intra-fascist split? As is so often the case, the media obsession with ‘breaking news’ and pushing agendas hides the real complexity (and unexplained elements) of the Jo Cox tragedy. Tommy Mair downloaded the DIY gun manual….in 1999. Jo was a student at the time. In 1999, the word Brexit […]

via JO COX: the undercurrents beneath a rush to poor judgement. — The Slog.

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Who killed Jo Cox?

Politics and Insights

Jo-Cox-composite-image-2016.6.17-7.57-large_trans++qVzuuqpFlyLIwiB6NTmJwfSVWeZ_vEN7c6bHu2jJnT8I’ve said before, probably more than once, that he Conservatives are supremicist creatures of habit rather than reason. They carry with them a poisonous, heavy burden of longstanding, traditional grudges and prejudices. That is  why their policies are so stifling and anti-progressive for the majority of us. It’s why Tory policies don’t meet public needs and are so blatantly class-contingent.

There’s always an air of doom and gloom when we have a Tory government, and a largely subdued, depressed, repressed nation, carrying vague and fearful intuitions that something truly catastrophic is just around the corner.

It usually is.

I can remember the anxiety and creeping preternatural fear infecting and agitating young people back in the eighties, and our subsequent teenage, transcendent defiance, which we carried like the banners at the Rock Against Racism marches, back in the Thatcher era. It struck me more than once that we always witness the…

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France Media Blackout!

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Drones of Despair and Destruction

With all the distractions being piled on us around the EU referendum, we as a country are still waging war in places like Syria and offering ‘support’ to others one way or another.

While we do have our own worries and fears, lets not forget that our Government and the UK earn masses of money from our own Weapons Industries etc, which includes Drones and Drone Warfare.

I came across the following video recently posted on YouTube. (link below)

For me it acts as a very poignant reminder of what is not openly publicised or openly spoken about in the press or Main stream Media.

I don’t think I can ever remember a time more silent when it comes to our War activities.

It is my belief we merely get fed propaganda and often lies about  our military activities on foreign soil.  Why else would they need to be so secretive and selective about their activities.

This news item in link below highlights for me not only the evil being done, but also lights a candle of hope and reassurance that there are still Courageous Souls out there willing to put their lives on the line in the name of Truth.

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These Changing Times Take Courage……..


Well worth listening to Chris’s speech.

Much of what he says applies to UK.  We are all in this together….

Change is happening fast and we all need to unite…..

Take Good Care all you out there…

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