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Time and Motion Study for Unemployed Claimant Commitment – Set up to Fail….. in so may ways.

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

35 hours a week jobsearch tool-235 hours a week jobsearch tool-1


From JJ.

Read closely: it is a ‘time and motion’ study designed to trap people in a remorseless set of tasks for 35 hours a week.

“Phoning employers may take one or two hours per day” – that’s an awful lot of nuisance calls!

Application forms – one to one and a half hours. That’s a lot of slow-paced filling-in.

Jobsearch on-line up to two hours a day – that’s a lot of time-wasting when you’re already registered with ULM and other sites.

And so it goes, in mind-bogglingly meticulous detail.

Down to competency based application forms, researching ‘volunteering’ and ‘work experience’.

Work Coachy is looking at your every move!

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Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

It’s looking increasingly likely that the ‘rumours’ about Leon Brittan and allegations of sex crimes against him were not just conspiracy theories after all.

It’s been confirmed by the Metropolitan Police that they were investigating the former Tory Home Secretary on one allegation of rape of a woman and at least two allegations of child abuse involving young boys at the time of his death.

Those allegations are apart from the ones accusing Brittan of covering up allegations of a VIP child abuse ring operated by leading members of the establishment, which included cabinet ministers in the Thatcher government as well as Buckingham Palace.

Scotland Yard have also confirmed they will be carrying on their investigation in spite of the death of Brittan.

It will be interesting to see how long the mainstream press manage to continue to ignore this growing scandal.


Please feel free to…

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Omnishambles, Petulance OR Sheer Disregard?

A Cabinet of Sociopaths??? Now theres food for thought…… And if youve been sanctioned then its likely to be the only food on your table.


With so many media articles and accounts about what the current Government is getting wrong, I can’t help but wonder if the Cabinet are guilty. Not only guilty as charged for their mistakes, but perhaps as importantly guilty of the same behaviour and attitude of many people when the Facts show something they don’t like?

A recent example is how everyday more and more people are ‘coming out’, claiming  they ‘knew’ that children and young people were being abused by Jimmy Savile. Only in the past 3 few days there’s been report of Royal Aides, Rock stars; Politicians and even the Sir Roger Jones, chairman of Children in Need from 1999 to 2002 and a BBC governor for Wales from 1997 to 2002, all believing something was ‘not right, or to quote Sir Roger Savile was “creepy”.

This is a clear indicator of how even powerful people, when faced with something they find uncomfortable, choose not to accept…

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Same Difference

The brilliant Kate Belgrave has the full story. Extract below:

I attended a first JSA signing-on session last week with Tony, who is aged 60. These inaugural signon sessions at this jobcentre are not held as private, one-to-one meetings. People must attend these sessions as part of a group.

This is a big problem in itself, because people don’t always want to reveal their private information in front of ten or 12 strangers. People must fill in their claimant commitment forms as part of this session. They have to write about their histories and work experience, and not everyone wants to ask the questions they have about these things in front of people they don’t know. People might be ex-offenders, or have long gaps in a work history because they have serious drug and alcohol problems. They may have problems with their reading and writing. On this occasion, one…

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Radio 4 Whistleblower Interview, link to listen to or download is within this blog.

Same Difference

That’s not the only thing he said, or the only thing that needs to be heard in this.

The link above will take you to last night’s File On 4, on benefit sanctions.

Many thanks to Dan McIntyre for downloading the audio for me. Readers, I do hope you can all access the file. Please take half an hour, listen and share everywhere possible.

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Sanction and suicide.

We need to start our own campaigns outside JobCentrePunishment Centres just like this coreagous group of citizens who are appauled at the way the unemployed are being frightened by the DWP

The poor side of life

We don’t easily get shocked on our weekly demos, we hear so many terrible stories but yesterday was a day that I won’t forget for a while.
We were stood in our usual spot and I got called over by a member of our group. “Hiya this man would like to speak to you. He wants to be heard” I walked over and spoke to this lovely man. He was sat in his mobility scooter and shook my hand. He went on to say “my friend committed suicide just before Christmas. He hung himself at the top of his stairs. He had been sanctioned but he had mental health problems. He was that scared that he was going to loose his house he killed himself. He couldn’t see any other way out. I miss him everyday life without him isn’t the same. Since when was this government allowed to hurt…

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