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Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s Tory Britain!)

The Tories are rapidly taking us back to Victorian times in many ways – not least in our schools.

First of all they openly say that children in wheelchairs shouldn’t have the right to attend school:

Tory spokesman Toby Young thinks disabled children should be excluded from schools

And they’re excluding pupils with red hair:

Redhead banned from school just weeks before her A-levels

They’re even putting young children in forced isolation because their parents have dressed them in the slightly ‘wrong’ school uniform:

Ex-prison head puts 100s of children in isolation

And Tory Education ministers have clearly never spoken to any 4-year-olds, or they would have realised just how stupid their decision was to force toddlers to sit formal exams:

This may not be Cameron’s worst policy – but it’s definitely his stupidest

The Tories are also openly handing lucrative state school assets over to their donors:

Tories rush to hand over…

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A very interesting document. Please read… And please share…...

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Well Said Kitty……

Politics and Insights

68196_116423458427191_5364492_nThe Tory parliamentary candidate for Cambridge, Chamali Fernando sparked outrage and horror after saying mental health patients should wear wristbands to identify their conditions. Fernando was speaking at a hustings event hosted by the campaign group Keep Our NHS Public when she made the comment.

Andy Burnham, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, said: “There has been an enormous amount of work in Parliament to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health. But comments like this are so disappointing – they set us back and remind us how far we have to go. Jeremy Hunt must disown these comments, instruct his candidate to apologise and make it clear that they form no part of Conservative Party policy.”

“This proposal shows the candidate’s harmful views on mental health,” Disability and Mental Health Adviser at University of the Arts, London Annabel Crowley said.

Research carried out by the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience…

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Useful Information about what activities can be Mandated


Today the DWP disclosed a summary of it’s Work Coaches (WC) “main activities“, it is worth noting that use of the ‘My Work Plan‘ is entirely voluntary and benefit claimants can restrict WC/DWP access to Universal Jobmatch accounts. Under Universal Credit (UC), it is not a requirement to sign a Claimant Commitment (CC), legislation requires that one be “accepted” via  a number of means. Before accepting a UC CC, there is a 7 day cooling off period.

Work Coaches mail activities

“However, as they would be considered Work Coaches, the main activities
associated with this role are:
–  To make every claimant contact count by coaching them to take
responsibility for getting themselves into work. Complete a Claimant
Commitment and be accountable for the decisions made during
interviews with claimants to help move them back into sustained
–  Agree the Claimant Commitment

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New Claims: The DWP Doesn’t Tell You This

Useful Info for New Claimants re interim payments when waiting for first payment etc…

Same Difference

I spotted this on Facebook yesterday and thought it might be useful.

Sat with Legal Advisor at Foodbank today, learned that for new claims with up to six weeks wait, you can ask for an interim payment of your forthcoming benefits, this however is not being passed on via DWP advisors, please pass on to anyone, groups who may already be aware but just in case, any new info learned will also be passed on, and 100% success rate overturning sanctions too, so people must appeal, most are overturned, also most Foodbanks have free Legal Advice on certain days of week

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Benefit sanctions: Britain’s secret penal system.

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Benefit sanctions: Britain’s secret penal system.

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