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Drones of Despair and Destruction

With all the distractions being piled on us around the EU referendum, we as a country are still waging war in places like Syria and offering ‘support’ to others one way or another.

While we do have our own worries and fears, lets not forget that our Government and the UK earn masses of money from our own Weapons Industries etc, which includes Drones and Drone Warfare.

I came across the following video recently posted on YouTube. (link below)

For me it acts as a very poignant reminder of what is not openly publicised or openly spoken about in the press or Main stream Media.

I don’t think I can ever remember a time more silent when it comes to our War activities.

It is my belief we merely get fed propaganda and often lies about  our military activities on foreign soil.  Why else would they need to be so secretive and selective about their activities.

This news item in link below highlights for me not only the evil being done, but also lights a candle of hope and reassurance that there are still Courageous Souls out there willing to put their lives on the line in the name of Truth.


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