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This is from the facebook page 4UP: I work full time always have, I am disabled, have been since age 8 when I caught polio and my left leg became paralysed. In 1992 I got a life award of DLA high r…

Source: I demand that you make your ridiculous failing PIP appointment system accessible to disabled people

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Just found this group of videos from the Behavioural Insights Conference of 2015

Here is the link to BX2015: Institutionalising Behavioural Insights: which talks about how to infiltrate governments and to become imbedded into policy making etc.

I haven’t yet watched all the video but even from the outset I found their ‘happy clappy style’ enthusiasm and language disturbing.

This one named: Fighting the Job Search Grind should be of interest to many of us caught up in the Social inSecurity System

The fact they are now promoting Behavioural Modification Psychology Worldwide should worry us all. As should their goal to institutionalise this ideologically driven and dangerous agenda.

The full program of lectures can be found here

I would be interested to hear your own views and ‘insights’ gained from watching any of these conference lectures.




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Around a month or so ago we spent three weeks filming with a journalist and film maker from The guardian. Having worked with The guardian before I held a certain level of trust with them because they have always been nothing short of brilliant. Always giving a fair and honest opinion and treating both ourselves […]

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I have just watched a Select Committee Session: Latest evidence
10 Oct 2016 – Work and Pensions Committee with the Education Committee – oral evidence

Here it is stated openly and categorically that MIND has been working via Gov Contract for the DWP for some time in JOB CENTRES.

The minister described how he had been made aware of this during a session in a Job Centre where he sat in on a training session. He told the committee that MIND was in the Job Centre on a regular basis, think he said at least once a week.

What also struck me, was that one of the ministers referred to more serious Mental Health Conditions as people with ‘MENTAL BEHAVIOURAL DISORDERS‘ (he applied this term when referencing the ESA cohort).

Since when was the language changed in this manner?

Having a Mental Health Condition is one thing but to be labelled as having a Mental Behavioural Disorder is quite another. So much for the DWPs desire to eradicate Stigmatisation…!

I suppose the thinking behind this will be that if labelled as Behavioural, then its easier to get away with applying Behavioural Modification Techniques,

Previous Blogs relating to MIND and DWP


Has MIND undergone a Corporate/Governmental Takeover?

Mind faces boycott call after policy and campaigns manager joins DWP : DNS.

I dont get much traffic on my site so Im hoping someone here can use this info to inform more people of whats going down with MIND>

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This blog was inspired after reading the excellent and rather upsetting blog by Zorro at DWP Examination:

I thought you might be interested in whats happening in my local MIND.

Recently I became concerned about our local MIND after exploring their local website.

After extensive exploration It appears to me that just about all they offer is links to government supported/funded networks and projects

The benefits advisor is only paid to work for 10 hours a week and on their webpage much of what they offer in this area is said to be limited.
ie: Limited advice and referrals for challenging decisions.

This description on their website appears to have been altered recently as when I read it a few weeks ago it stated that it did not offer Appeals support?

I have also heard that those seeking benefits advice are encouraged to explore the governments ‘Social Prescriptions‘.

What is so disappointing for me is that most of whats on offer for those seeking help is point and click links.

Bath MIND also decided to stop people supporting people in their private offices and have moved to paying rent for use of a Perspex Pod in the Councils One Stop Shop.


Apparently Bath Mind used part of a grant it received from ST Johns hospital to hire a One Stop Shop Pod, stating the reason for the move being that their offices are on the second floor.

I have also heard it reported that the reason for changing location is due to a lack of staff in the building: If there is only the Advisor and Client in the building then there needs to be a risk assessment undertaken before they can meet.  (Personally I do wonder how much real quality client centred work can be carried out in Bath Mind if the offices are often empty)?

Having experienced both environments in the past, their offices, and the Once Stop Shop, I find the move to the One Stop Shop model regressive whereas the MIND offices were friendly relaxing and inviting, offering a Safe and Confidential space for people to communicate their most intimate thoughts and needs.

In Stark Contrast: To find yourself in the middle of a large Corporate Environment, situated in a Perspex Pod where you can be seen and heard by all those around you when dealing with filling Assessment Forms etc.


Personally I found this environment intimidating:

The first port of call in this ONE STOP Shop is an enquiry desk where a Large sign states Work Coaches are available all day, or word to that effect.

To the right is a POLICE KIOSK.

Our Police Station has been demolished and turned into a car park. The two WPCs in the KIOSK< work in an area resembling a rabbit hutch is now the local police station in effect.

Children run around whilst people sit around waiting to be seen for Housing advice. Its surely not the best and most helpful environment for people having to undergo claiming Disability Assessments.

Apparently Bath Mind used part of a grant it received from ST Johns hospital to hire a One Stop Shop Pod, stating the following reasons for the move:

Although clients find the Bath Mind office a “very calming” environment we are acutely aware of the limitations of being on the 2nd floor of a Georgian building. Funding from St. John’s Hospital will also allow us to rent space at the accessible One Stop Shop in Manaver’s Street, Bath”.


Bath Mind has also merged with The Depression Alliance.

Exploring the Depression Alliance site, I see they have a Work In Progress Campaign. amongst others.

Work in Progress Campaign states the following:

The “Work in Progress” campaign focusses on three key policy areas:

  • Improving access to job retention support
  • Enhancing understanding and recognition of the symptoms of depression
  • Promoting the concept of employment as a health outcome
  • Evidence shows that employment can be hugely beneficial to the health and wellbeing of people with depression.
  • Beyond providing income, work offers structure, focus and a social environment that can support self-fulfilment and provide an important sense of achievement.
  • We call on government departments at a national and regional level to work together to drive this agenda forward, and commit to improving the provision of evidence-based support to help people with depression achieve vocational outcomes.

Corporate/Government takeover of MIND? Or has my mind been taken over by Paranoia?

Hows your local MIND operating nowadays?

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Click to access Letter%20to%20Chair%20from%20Iain%20Duncan%20Smith%20re%20benefit%20sanctions%20.pdf

Click to access Letter%20to%20Chair%20from%20Iain%20Duncan%20Smith%20re%20benefit%20sanctions%20.pdf

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Its been a while since I posted on my blog.

In truth, I have been devastated by the general election results.

On top of this, our governments Shock and Awe tactics since regaining power has had a serious impact on my mental health.

I am disabled and a Mental Health sufferer. My condition caused through repeated trauma, abuse and neglect has left me in my 50s, alone and suffering from a whole heap of conditions which I struggle with on a daily basis.

The new round of policy changes and cuts have had a profound effect on my resilience and I really am losing the will to live.

If I died tomorrow I would consider it a release from the fear and constant threat this government is intent on giving out.

How does a trauma victim deal with past trauma when living in a war zone? I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I have been afraid to post because of fear of having them come after me. of losing the little security I have.

I go from despair to rage to living in a parallel place inside myself where nothing can touch me.

It is a lonely life and one I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy a lot of the time.

But Im not writing here because Im feeling sorry for myself, I know Im just one of many and I feel powerless right now.

So why am I writing.

Im rambling but Im just being me, Im a bit of a mess.

I dont want to be intimidated into silence by all the hate, the lies, the ridicule, the propaganda and dehumanising going on out there.  Keeping it all to myself is turning me into an angry resentful person and creating havoc with my wellbeing and my ability to function as the person I want to be.

So here goes.

As you will all be aware, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is being marketed out there on behalf of the government as the cure for everything.

It is being reported as a new Evidence Based Psychological Therapy which has become the Gold Standard of all Therapies.

And they are claiming that it is because they are evidence based whereas all other therapies are not based on evidence.

Not only are they claiming that this New form of CBT can Cure, Depression and Anxiety, but that it can also cure Panic Disorders, Personality Disorders. Bipolar Disorder and even Schizophrenia along with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

All this with a new Mechanical CBT, therapist lead, no more than 14 weeks.

They also claim that new research is showing that it can even help to cure physical illnesses.

Even more worrying is that they are planning introduce it into schools in a different form in order to build resilience into our children.

The government is talking big about a lack of talking therapies in our NHS, in both primary and secondary care and are in the process of recruiting and training thousands of therapists in this New form of CBT and deploying them in in our GP surgeries, Job Centers,  as well as plans to make the therapists available in Hospital Medical wards.  CBT is also for Altzeimer Sufferers, Stroke Victims and the Terminally Ill.  They are even making plans to  market CBT to our Employers.

The Miracle Cure for All.  And all of us.

CBT will be the cure for even Poverty.

CBT is to be the cure of all cures.

They have got ‘NICE’ to make CBT the recommended treatment of choice for just about all Mental Health Conditions and are on a drive you wouldnt believe.. or probably many of you would.

However…This New CBT, the ‘Gold Standard Evidence Based Cure’, from the material I have seen appears to be far from what it is reported to be.

Some years ago I studied Psychology and part of the course was in Research Methods, Statistical Analysis and Ethics.

After hearing these claims about this New CBT being Marketed by the government, I kept seeing Red Flags. so I did some investigating.  didnt take me long to find stuff to support my theory;

What I have found in a short space of time is so worrying I really don’t think I can keep it to myself.

If you have time please take a look at the links posted below and make up your own minds.

And then please circulate.

I have posted a number of links to some reports and videos.

Please read the reports and then watch the videos.  Save them to your computer if you can. And pass them around.

The last two videos back up each-others claims, so if you only have time to watch one , I would suggest the last one. But both are very informative and thought provoking.

The Depression Report

Click to access depressionreport.pdf

‘A Fair Society’  The Centre for Welfare Reform


Thrive: the power of evidence-based psychological therapies

David Tolin: Pseudoscience in Mental Health Treatments

This last one really does put the icing on the cake.

Jonathan Shedler – Where is the Evidence for Evidence-Based Therapy?

Take Care of yourselves out there.


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A very interesting document. Please read… And please share…...

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