Pulse CBT 10min guideHave just been sent an email which I find rather disturbing relating to the use and abuse of CBT.

The heading reads:

GP guide to DIY CBT and other mental health issues

It goes on to read as:

Are antidepressants overprescribed? It was a suggestion made by Dr Des Spence on Pulse recently1, and studies have shown that even in severe mental health issues drugs are not enough to tackle the problems faced by some patients. There is a need for additional treatment. The real question is how to involve your patients in their treatment and encourage self-help.

In our new module Dr Lee David takes you through using CBT in the primary care setting, including:

– How patients can self-administer CBT

– How to use mindfulness

– How to employ CBT techniques in 10 minutes

– How to involve patients in planning and implementing their CBT


GoodLuck for Thursday….  This Psychological abuse needs to stop……

Source: Never had a party political broadcast make you want to applaud? Watch. #GE17

British Prime Minister Theresa May defends selling arms to Saudi Arabia, which faced accusations of resorting to war crimes in Yemen. May defended Saudi’s use of British weapons after a parliamentary committee tasked with evaluating arms exports said it was likely that British weapons were used in violation of international law. May insisted that the UK’s close […]

via British premier defends selling arms to Saudi Arabia, citing anti-terrorism efforts —

Pride's Purge

Kaiser Permanente is a private healthcare organisation based in California.

But unlike many other private healthcare companies in the US, Kaiser provides a complete model of integrated pre-paid insurance along with healthcare which is supposedly provided free at the point of need.

This is a system much like our own NHS but with three major differences – Kaiser’s healthcare provision is much more expensive than the NHS, the healthcare provision side is run for profit and unlike the NHS its cover isn’t comprehensive – it only covers those people who are in work.

Despite that, Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt seems to love Kaiser. He and other ministers have personally visited the company at its California headquarters – several times in fact:

And Kaiser’s own website lists other recent visitors from the UK, including many NHS hospitals and NHS trusts as well as HM Treasury and the Ministry…

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In response to the latest Government attack on benefits claimants with mental health and physical disabilities, the Alliance has written to the press and to the major psy-organisations, who we call…

Source: Government Attack on Benefits Claimants: A Message from the Alliance


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