Issue: On 12th December 2016  preliminary reports appeared of the Origins of Happiness , an upcoming book by Andrew Clark, Sarah Fleche, Richard Layard, Nattavudh Powdthavee and George Ward. This h…

Source: Origins of Happiness? PAA response.

Benefit tales

From the Disabled People Against Cuts  website . DPAC wish to thank John Slater for this article
Some claimants placed in the Work Related Activities Group of ESA  (WRAG) find that their medical condition has worsened, possibly because of the Work Related Activities (WRA) they must undertake. But when they notify the DWP to tell them, even if they have supporting medical evidence from their GP or consultant, the DWP work advisor or coach disregards the evidence and still insist for the claimant to undertake WRA because they are in the WRAG.
What follows is an explanation of why the DWP advisor/coach may be acting unlawfully, and of what claimants might be able do in this situation.
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Wirral In It Together

01-07-13-big-report-media-statement25th November 2016

On 1st July 2013, the date of the above media statement, Wirral Council leader Phil Davies and then Chief Executive Graham Burgess knew it would have been dishonest to claim that only one business had gone under from the now declared total of 49 in receipt of BIG Fund grants.

But claim it they did.

We’ve labelled this ‘dishonesty du jour’ because for a very long time, the same persons constantly and shamelessly fed false reassurance to the public – in meetings, correspondence or in press releases – flaunting the professionalism, competence, thoroughness and honesty of their officers with regard to their dealings with the BIG Fund.

We were told they had access to all council information required to investigate any complaints, the results of which – if officers were doing their jobs properly – will have been shared upwards with their seniors.

Such knowledge, once imparted, will have made the leader, the former CEO and…

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Posted on the door of a lecturer in English at a US college: I don’t think any more need be …Continue reading →

via US lecturer’s brilliant and heartfelt response to post-election racism and sexism — Vox Political

Check this important video out:   It appears that Agenda 21, now renamed as Agenda20/30 has been approved or considered for fasttrack, the day the USA went to the polling stations. This has happened behind closed doors, out of sight of the Media.

Its not unusual for governments to sneak policies and legislation through whilst the population is distracted.

Below is a  video link to a speech given by War Journalist and reporter Chris Hedges.

Although he gave this speech in 2003, I believe its content to be just as relevant today and possibly more so.

Chris Hedges Brilliant Speech On The War On Terror


As the person who hurriedly judges your medical condition for the DWP, I have to decide if you qualify for disability benefits.

ESA is a contentious type of benefit and the people who I assess are often anxious, angry, scared or pessimistic

ESA is a contentious type of benefit and the people who I assess are often anxious, angry, scared or pessimistic Photograph: Keith Morris/Alamy

I’m the person who assesses whether or not your medical condition is stopping you from being able to work – and I have never felt so dejected by a job.

It’s my job to carry out work capability assessments to see if people qualify for Employment Support Allowance (ESA). For 18 months, I’ve been working for a private company to which the the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) outsources this task.

I’m a healthcare professional who joined after being disillusioned with working in the NHS. I will be honest: for me, as for many of my colleagues, the salary, which is far higher than…

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