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The poor side of life

Hi. This is a piece that took a while to get together. I worked alongside a reporter who normally spends his time reporting from war zones all over the world. He had read my newspaper reports and this blog, and felt the need to report on our activities.

As you can imagine this man has seen lots of bloodshed and fighting, as a result he isn’t easily shocked. However after spending a few days outside the Jobcentre with us he was moved to tears. He couldn’t believe the hardship and cruelty that is inflicted on the poorest in our country. He said it’s as bad as reporting from a war zone, instead of bullets they are starving people into submission.

He said that he would never forget this. He’s an amazing man.


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Telling it as it is

Unlike Zac and Sarah, Helen is a real person.

A Lone Parent working hard and doing the right thing.

This is Helen’s Story!

Helens storyShe also says: I had a phone call last week saying that there is a new rule coming in and that even though I am working 30hours a week I have to start going to the job centre weekly again to “help” me find a second job to get me off credits altogether  if I don’t attend these meetings I will be sanctioned and penalised again! I have lost around £300 per month since I got swapped over to UC already and just feel like the government just don’t care about the stress they are putting on working families

Figures published in Nov 2105 show that 144000 claimants are now signed onto Universal Credit. 32.5 % are in work, that’s some 45827 people who are at risk…

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The New Adult Education Model of Teaching?


Since the Tories came into power  Adult Education Choices have been stripped back to the bone and beyond.

Im a mature adult who has always been a keen learner, both to top up my qualifications when necessary, but also to learn for the fun of learning.

So, knowing that all the FE colleges can offer nowadays is mostly low grade Vocational training, I took to the internet to see what was available online.

In my 30s I studied A level Psychology and also attained certificates in Counselling, the human condition has always fascinated me.

Online, there are a number of New Learning Websites, all linked to the Government, who run short courses under the banner of various Universities.

I have already taken a look at a couple of courses and my eyes were opened, not because I was impressed with the course content, rather more because I find myself rather disturbed at what is being propagated within these courses.

For those of you interested in Mental Health and Well Being, there is a new course starting on 13th June. The Intro talks of new models of mental health and makes discrediting remarks about the current mental health systems etc. And talks of new research etc.

here is the link – anyone can sign up….


I would be interested to hear back from anyone who signs up.  Could be an eye opener as to how the Tories intend to reshape thinking towards people suffering from Mental Health Problems and how they intend to Cure US!

This is not the only courses offered, I suspect all the courses offered are filled with Tory Ideology etc…  Sign up for a few, get the word out.

They tend to have videos linked to YouTube, with discussion feeds.

I also suspect that the questionnaires they use may well be used by them as pseudo evidence in support of their new research models etc… Its just the way they lead the learner, …. you have to sign up to see what I mean….



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Following the very well received BBC Inside Out programme regarding abuse at  Tong Park and Kirk Levington Detention centres earlier this year which resulted in a large number of new people contact…

Source: BBC Inside Out would like to speak to you for their new follow up film on Tong Park and Kirk Levington.

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Jeremy Corbyn’s reaction to IDS resignation, as posted on Facebook:   The resignation of Iain Duncan Smith reveals a Government in disarray and a Chancellor who has lost the credibility…

Source: Jeremy Corbyn Calls For George Osborne To Resign Too

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What a disingenuous and misleading headline.

Iain Duncan Smith resigning as Work and Pensions Secretary ‘due to Treasury pressure to make cuts’. There’s plenty of proof that headline is a lie. Here’s the evidence……

Source: What a disingenuous and misleading headline.

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