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This video should open a few more eyes……  The Invisible War is already in progress….


As is this one: The Invisible Government 


Link to full list videos by John Pilger. YouTube

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Just found this group of videos from the Behavioural Insights Conference of 2015

Here is the link to BX2015: Institutionalising Behavioural Insights: which talks about how to infiltrate governments and to become imbedded into policy making etc.

I haven’t yet watched all the video but even from the outset I found their ‘happy clappy style’ enthusiasm and language disturbing.

This one named: Fighting the Job Search Grind should be of interest to many of us caught up in the Social inSecurity System

The fact they are now promoting Behavioural Modification Psychology Worldwide should worry us all. As should their goal to institutionalise this ideologically driven and dangerous agenda.

The full program of lectures can be found here

I would be interested to hear your own views and ‘insights’ gained from watching any of these conference lectures.




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BBC Documentary Uncovers Shocking Revelations – why am I not surprised. Available on I Player today for 27 days.

Jacques Peretti explores how public bodies utilise their resources and asks whether taxpayers are getting value for money.


Spending on schools, hospitals and foreign aid are well debated. In this one-off documentary, Jacques Peretti looks beyond the well-known budgets to the range of projects the public know less about, from the virtual receptionists at Brent Civic Centre to the night-vision goggles being used to spy on dog walkers in Staffordshire.

Peretti uncovers what is happening behind closed doors in cash-strapped Britain and finds that local councils across the UK are signing contracts with management consultancy firms who can take a percentage of any savings they find.

Peretti also reveals that hundreds of the millions of taxpayers’ pounds spent on these contracts are covered by confidential deals meaning very little detail is known about them. In this revealing insight, Peretti asks if the public deserve to know more about how those charged with managing Britain’s billions are spending it.

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Cant help but smiling….  Indeed they are Desperate, and understandably so.  The whole NWO, Agenda 21/30 is pinned on pushing these global trade agreements through.  They are the foundation stones for the NWO ‘BRAVE NEW WORLD’.

Well lets hope they tear each other apart.  They must be so confused as they really did not expect ordinary people to become involved, after all it was all to be signed sealed and delivered behind closed doors……..

If they were more than a bunch of Sociopaths, then my hope would be that they were experiencing feelings of Humiliation, Sadly, I dont hold out much hope for that………

#AceNewsReport – Oct.23: This is another update on #CETA and meeting in Brussels behind closed doors reaches another impasse #CETA Talks fail to persuade Wallonia, Belgium, Paul Magnette in talks with European Union and Canada on EU-Canada free trade deal – Canada Official – @AceNewsServices // Ace News Services European Union, Canada set Monday deadline […]

via #CETA Desperation stakes set in for EU-Canada trade pact as they keep in meeting to find a way anyway to get it signed against all odds NOW they decide to meet again Monday as their Trojan horse is primed and ready – @AceNewsServices — Ace News Services

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Click here to view. Starts at 14:30 Today Wed 19th Oct.


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Benefit sanctions: Britain’s secret penal system.

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For all you intellectuals and not so intellectuals , This blog is run by Steve who is doing a Phd on the subject…..

Take a look,,,,,,


Thanks to Steve….

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Introduction.  click on introduction to take you there

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Brighton doctor’s open letter to David Cameron about the A&E crisis.

We need more Professionals to start to speak out.

I am well aware how the Gov and their buddies are treating our NHS and those that work so hard for all our benefits. Many are as afraid and angry as we are.  Much of the changes the Gov is forcing on them is crippling them and demoralising them.

We need to send a message to our valued Healthcare professionals and support staff and let them know we KNOW whats going on.

This country has to find a way to come together en mass and bring down this Vile Regime.

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A very interesting document. Please read… And please share…...

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