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Shame Her and Share! Lets Make June the End of May


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Pulse CBT 10min guideHave just been sent an email which I find rather disturbing relating to the use and abuse of CBT.

The heading reads:

GP guide to DIY CBT and other mental health issues

It goes on to read as:

Are antidepressants overprescribed? It was a suggestion made by Dr Des Spence on Pulse recently1, and studies have shown that even in severe mental health issues drugs are not enough to tackle the problems faced by some patients. There is a need for additional treatment. The real question is how to involve your patients in their treatment and encourage self-help.

In our new module Dr Lee David takes you through using CBT in the primary care setting, including:

– How patients can self-administer CBT

– How to use mindfulness

– How to employ CBT techniques in 10 minutes

– How to involve patients in planning and implementing their CBT


GoodLuck for Thursday….  This Psychological abuse needs to stop……

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Source: Never had a party political broadcast make you want to applaud? Watch. #GE17

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